Date night look #1 πŸŽ¬πŸ‘«

Happy Saturday guys, so today I am going to post twice today firstly as you can tell by the title I’m posting a date night look – a casual one! I had a comment one of of my posts from a girl (With all my affection) suggesting I should do a look with some of my haul products so I’ve took her advice and here we are now! Also everyone should go and check her posts out they are amazing πŸ’•!  And my second post is a planner related post, that wasn’t planned I just found some products I wanted to share with everyone because I’m nice 😊!

So this is all the make up I used for this look, it looks a lot but it’s not really!  For all the make up revolution products there are links in my Make up revolution haul so check it out if you haven’t already! 

I start by priming my face with the Rimmel Stay Matte Primer, I love this primer although I tend to only use this I haven’t tried out others because I like this one so much so I can’t compare it to others but if you guys have any Primers you think are great please comment and let me know so I can give them a try 😊. So a lot of people apply primer by rubbing it into your skin but I tend to find when I do that it doesn’t actually help my make up stay on any but when I pat it on this makes a huge difference. I’ve came to the conclusion that by patting it into my skin, my skin is actually absorbing the product where when I rub it I’m just rubbing it back off of where u have applied! I mean it might work for you to rub but if. It hen there’s a little tip! 

I then use the make up revolution ultra face base foundation with bb cream in the shade fb02 and pat it over the areas where I feel my face is a little red or on any blemishes I have, i find that this just tones the redness down so it’s easier for my foundation to cover! 

The foundation I use is Rimmel wake me up foundation in the shade true nude I actually bought some and posted it in my shopping haul and later realised I picked up the wrong shade 😫!  Anyway I again pat this all over my face using a flat head brush and leave it to set for a couple of mins before carrying on!  Everyone uses different brushes but I personally think it’s your preference what to use and this just works best for me. I got the pink brushes from eBay for about Β£4 (set of 10) and I’m not joking they are amazing I would honestly compare them to my real technique brushes they are that good! 

I then tend to do my eyes after my foundation has set! I start by applying a small amount of make up revolution focus and fix eye primer I’m not sure what shade it’s in but I think it’s the lightest. This helps to keep your eye makeup from creasing and moving! I then used my makeup revolution iconic pro 2 palette and used the shade paper just above the crease of my eyelid for the blending colour with a fluffy brush, I then went in with a crease brush and used the second brown from the bottom in the make up revolution flawless palette (I’ve lost my sheet with all th colours πŸ˜”) and applied this on the crease and just a little above but lower than the first colour I used, I then added some if the bottom brown from the same palette, right in the outer crease of my eye. I always start at the outer side pressing quite hard with my brush to get the most of the colour and blending it out across the rest of my crease going inward.  For the pain colour I went back to the iconic pro 2 and used a damp brush to pick up the shade awaken. I find using a damp brush makes this colour creamy and a lot more pigmented when applying, I also pat this colour on my lid because of the texture it has! I find that all of my revolution palette’s are really pigmented and show up really well. Although I have my Rimmel scandal eyes extreme black  mascara in this photo I don’t actually apply it until my make up is finished! I haven’t mastered an eyebrow technique so I’m going to miss that step out! 

Time to contour and highlight! I always highlight first by using my Rimmel match perfection concealer and highlighter under my eyes in a triangle shape, down the middle of my nose, above my brows and all the usual spots, again I used makeup revolution ultra contour and used the bottom corner brown shade to contour using an angled brush until I got a colour I was happy with in all the usual places you would contour. Once that colur was achieved I blended my highlighter in using a damp beauty blender then blending the contour in using my revolution F104 big fluffy brush to remove an harsh lines. For a shimmer to my highlighter I used the bottom right (brown) shimmer  to highlight and I’m my opinion you can never have to much! 

At this point I used my mascara and liner my lips In Rebel by Mac and filled them in using the same lipstick. I added a small abound of lake pink glass on three middle of both my top and bottom lip to add a dimentional look.

And Tada we are done ☺️

Oh I got a hair chop too today πŸ’‡

-Ashton πŸ’•



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