Another primark shop!

So guys once again I got carried away in primark! All I was planning to buy today was foundation…but no no no I had to spend more money than just the £6 that would cost me! Plus I didn’t even get the foundation in the end 🙈! 

So here’s my buys this time…

I got this really cute dress in like faux suede! I already have the red one that came out in winter last year and I absolutely love it, so when I seen these I had to pick them up! I was so unsure what colour I liked best so I ended up with both! They are really lightweight material which is great especially since we are coming into summer… Or at least meant to be!  And they were only £10 each, and are both a size 8! 

I got two bomber style jackets because again I couldn’t decide which one I preferred! There was also a pink one I fell In love with but there was no 8/10 left so I will pick that up next time ☺️

£13 size 8£15 size 10 – other colours available 

And finally I got a white shirt to wear under the pink pinafore as displayed on the model in primark, original thinking from me there!! £8 size 6

Short but sweet, I till next time!

-Ashton 💕


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