Wishlist Wednesday | Charlotte Crosby Activewear 1.1

So I forgot that I didn’t set my post to publish on Wednesday so here we are, it’s Saturday but lets pretend its still Wednesday for the sake of having a Wishlist Wednesday post.

This week was the launch of Charlotte Crosby’s new gym wear line called Activewear 1.1 and I have to say it looks incredible, the colour scheme is totally me right now and the pattern is super cute which is great because I love gym clothes that still look super cute and everything is super affordable too which makes it even better. I’m obsessed with new gym clothes just now and want everything I see, so I had to share with you some of the new pieces that I cant wait to purchase – hurry up payday! Everything is linked so please go and check it out and let me know what you think about the new range. Also if you know of anywhere that sells cute gym clothes let me know I’d love to check them out

Ashton x

17361021_10210957839294857_368736711_n                MARBLE AND GREY MESH INSERT LEGGINGS £19.99 MARBLE AND GREY TRIPLE STRAP SPORTS BRA £14.99

17360575_10210957839174854_213629434_n               MARBLE TRIPLE STRAP SPORTS BRA £14.99

17361253_10210957839414860_1816487883_n                     MARBLE PANEL SPORTS BRA £14.99

17392246_10210957838814845_1284498404_n                 MARBLE MESH INSERT LEGGINGS £17.99

17351246_10210957839654866_711032207_n                      BLACK TRIPLE STRAP SPORTS BRA £12.99






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