Find me on Depop!

Evening Lovelies,

This is a bit of a different post I guess, but everyone has stuff they don’t want to just throw away for one reason or another and I am the worst at clearing out my wardrobe and thinking “oh that might be good for something” and never wearing it again, or finding stuff that still have the tags on. I am the worlds worst for that. So the usual I tied Ebay and whatever else but stuff just wasn’t really selling. I had seen a few people selling stuff on Depop but I never really thought anything of it before because I knew you needed followers etc and well, that’s a pain if you don’t have ridiculous amounts of followers on Instagram and Twitter. Speaking of which, click my social media links and give me a follow – they are somewhere on the right hand side…I think!

Anyways, I set up a Depop account (click hereย for the link) and it’s so easy to use, I actually think its much easier to use than Ebay, plus the fee’s are cheaper too which is a bonus! If anyone is a bit unsure on how to work it or whatever please give me a message I’m more than happy to give you the basics, although it is pretty straight forward, and don’t forget to follow me too!!

Love ya’s

Ashton xx

depop 1depop 2depop 3


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