High End Palette Wishlist.

Hello Lovelies.

Every girl has a make up wishlist that they just keep adding more things to, and I am no different. I hold youtube fully responsible for this and the make up tutorials. Its crazy how one person can make you want to buy a product so badly by just watching a video. Anyway, here are my top 5 high end palettes on my wishlist. Hope you enjoy!


1. Violet Voss Pro – Holy Grail.

(images from cult beauty)

I have heard so much good about this palette that I need to try it. The shades alone are completely me. Actually any palette that has cranberry shades in it is completely me. Although this is £45.00 I feel it’s worth it. You can purchase it from cult beauty. 

2. Morphe – 350M

(images from cult beauty)

I have been looking for ages but I could never seem to find a great matte palette that I love, but I think I have found it. I can’t help but to go for a warm toned palette so this is the one for me! It is £23.50 from  Cult Beauty

3. Morphe – 350S

(images from cult beauty)

If you’re going to get the matte palette then you obviously have to get the shimmer one too and well what girl doesn’t love some sparkle? Unfortunately if you want this palette you do need to sign up to the waiting list. £23.50 from Cult Beauty

4. Huda Beauty – Rose Gold Edition.

(images from cult beauty)

I seen this palette on a few youtube tutorials and instantly fell in love, but I just couldn’t justify £56.00 for it. I watched a few reviews of fake versions and they weren’t too bad at all, one even said the pigmentation was great so I thought why not, lets get the fake and see for yourself. Luckily I only paid £10 for it, but it was awful. Don’t get me wrong some fake’s are great but  I would not suggest faking this. So buy the real thing from Cult Beauty

5. Makeup Geek – Z Palette

makeup-geek-palette-closedc(image from Makeup Geek)

So I’m cheating a little here since this isn’t exactly a pre-made palette but I am desperate to get my hands on the Makeup Geek single shadows to make up my own Z Palette. I have heard so much about this brand and it is definitely at the top of my list to try. What’s your favourite Makeup Geek shadows that I should give a go?

If you have any of these palettes I’d love to know what you think about them so let me know girls!

Love Ya’s Ashton xx


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