Getting to know me | Ella May Garrett Challenge

I can't believeΒ we're half way through the second week of the summer holidays already, they have just flew by! I've basically spent them focusing on my blog since I set myself a couple of goals for the month. I've not only just been posting more but I have been reading more blogs too and I … Continue reading Getting to know me | Ella May Garrett Challenge


Let the diet begin.

  Before I even start writing anything on this post, I want to just clarify that I don't think I'm 'fat' or anything along those lines. I feel I just need to put that out there because every time I mention the word diet all I hear is "you don't need to go on a … Continue reading Let the diet begin.


Image from Google Pinch punch first of the month! ITS MAY😁!!! So this post was meant to go up yesterday, but as I was in such a mad rush to get ready I didn't finish it!  But anyway May is the best month ever because it's my birthday in 22 sleeps (21 now) πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰! I … Continue reading HELLO MAY!Β