Wishlist Wednesday: Tarte

Happy 'hump' day guys... I've been recently obsessed with trailing through Sephora's website constantly and I want EVERYTHING! So I thought why not share all my wants with you lovely readers too, where is whereΒ 'wishlist Wednesday'Β  comes in. My aim (aim being the important word here) is to upload every Wednesday with a new wishlist, … Continue reading Wishlist Wednesday: Tarte


birthday wishlist.

I mentioned that in my hello may post that my birthday is this month and the countdown has officially started! 11 sleeps left yay πŸ™‚ so I thought I would share with everyone my wishlist.     -Ashton xx

Make up haul!Β 

ITS THE WEEKEND ☺️! AND I GOT HAPPY MAIL 😁!     So if you read my last make up revolution post you will know I was planning on placing another order with the discount code I received ☺️, I did and here it is 😁!  I got some new things and some a couple of … Continue reading Make up haul!Β